Not So Porridge Cookbook

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Not so porridge cookbook for head and neck cancer patients

This practical book gives patients some delicious easy-to-prepare alternatives to porridge.

This book has been designed for those who are preparing for and going through the various treatments for head and neck cancer. The recipes are primarily designed to be high protein and high energy to prevent unintentional weight loss and de-conditioning during treatment. They are also designed for those who are losing weight due to their disease. As a result, some of the recipes contain higher levels of fat and sugar.

Not so porridge cookbook has been designed with patient feedback at the heart of it. Recipes and ideas have been included from people that are having treatment. Included are dishes that people say they are most looking forward to after treatment but have been modified so they can be eaten during treatment. The recipes are designed with fewer ingredients and similar foods are used throughout the book. The aim of this, is to reduce cost, reduce time spent shopping and make cooking easier.

About the Author

Kirsty Clutterbuck is a specialist head and neck cancer dietician who supports people having treatment at the Sussex Cancer Centre, University Hospitals Sussex NHS Foundation trust. She has worked as a Registered Dietician for 14 years and is passionate about helping people maintain and promote their nutritional status and health during their cancer journey. She is chair of the head and neck specialist group of the British Dietetic Association and a proud union rep. She lives in Brighton with her wife, Lisa and their whippet, Ellie.

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