Sussex Cancer Fund WIFI Boost

The Sussex Cancer Fund’s ethos has always been to make treatment a little more bearable and we are always looking for ways to improve patient experience. These are often very small changes but can make a big difference and this is one of those examples.

David Witham, Fund Manager was recently working in the Chemo Unit at the Royal Sussex County Hospital when he overheard two patients chatting about their treatment and which chair they had been allocated that day on the chemo ward. Commiserations were exchanged when one patient announce he had the chair in a particular corner. David at this point joined in their conversation concerned there was a problem with one of the chemo chairs we had fundraised for. But no the chair was absolutely fine, but the patients had worked out where the worst place in the room was to pick up the wifi signal.

A relatively small problem but one that could make all the difference to patients who often have to spend hours and hours at a time receiving their treatment. Being able to browse the internet, keep in touch with loved ones, or simply playing games to while away the time can make treatment a little more bearable.

As David is in the unique position of being SCF Fund Manager and also working part-time in Chemo he was able to access funds to organise for a signal booster to be fitted to give more even wifi coverage throughout the ward.

We would love to be able to make even more changes to improve treatment for patients throughout Sussex but we can only do it with your help. If you would like to donate we would be very grateful.

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