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Could you be a business ambassador for the Sussex Cancer Fund?

business ambassadors
Become one of our fantastic business ambassadors


The Sussex Cancer Fund are looking for volunteers to become our charity business ambassadors. Our business ambassadors are professional individuals that are looking for a way to support the charity that fits into their everyday working life.

Our business ambassadors have often been affected by cancer personally or through a close relative, using their experience together with their business connections, to help us to spread the Sussex Cancer Fund message and raise very much needed money.


How our Business Ambassadors help us:

  • By sharing SCF social Media posts through their business (& personal) social media channels
  • Writing guest blog posts on the SCF site about their personal stories
  • By representing themselves and SCF at networking events
  • Encouraging their organisations to participate in SCF fundraising activities
  • Posting their own messages through social media
  • Finding speaking opportunities at business events & networking to raise SCF’s profile
  • By helping us find Business partners for sponsorship opportunities
For more information on being a Business Ambassador, please download our Business Ambassador PDF.


How much of my time would it take?

shirley price Business Ambassadors

“I really wanted to get involved with being an ambassador for SCF but was worried about having enough time to do this so that it really helped them.

I decided to give it a go and see. I am so amazed at how easy it is to do seemingly little things like mentioning SCF and ambassadorship to people whilst at a networking event when you would be chatting anyway, sharing posts on social media (when on there anyway) and thinking of ways in which to help them get some of the things on their wish list.  This all just slots into everyday life and thinking. So how much time is taken up being an ambassador? The honest answer is virtually none.”

– Shirley Price, Yes Promo Products

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If you would like to become an SCF ambassador please contact Julia Lenton on 01273 664930, or email at for more details.