Leave a gift in your will to Sussex Cancer Fund

Leave a gift in your will to Sussex Cancer Fund
Leave a Gift in Your Will to the Sussex Cancer Fund

Make the Future Better For Cancer Patients in Sussex By Leaving a Gift in Your Will

100% of our income relies on voluntary income from grants, donations and gifts in wills. Supporters like you change the work we do. Did you know we were founded in 1981, imagine what you can help us achieve in the next 40 years with a gift in your will. You will change the future of what we can achieve if you leave a gift in your will of any size.  A gift of just 1% means other closest to you get 99% and you protect our work for future generations.


Make an online will

Through Make a Will Online you can make a solicitor checked will for free in the safety and convenience of your own home. Go to www.makeawillonline.co.uk/sussexcancerfund. When you leave a gift in your will using this service we are given information on the gifts left.  You can also choose to share your name with us. This data is extremely helpful for us.


Consider seeing a solicitor to leave a gift in your will…

If you’ve got a high value estate (info here), if you have concerns about mental capacity or if you are very poorly and on strong medication, or if you would simply prefer to speak with a solicitor you should do that.  A list of solicitors can be found at the Solicitors Regulation Authority find a solicitor service.


Make sure they use our full details. Our name: “Sussex Cancer Fund” our charity number: 1147195, and our registered address: Sussex Cancer Centre Royal Sussex County Hospital Brighton BN2 5BE.


Your data

When you leave a gift in your will using the link above we find out when the will is made, details of gifts left to us and also (where you give consent) your name.  We know that occasionally supporters want to leave a gift without us knowing about it.  You can do this by following this link to make an online will. However, if you choose to support us, leave a gift in your will and whatever information you are happy to share with us we would like to say: thank you very much!


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