Business Charity Donations & Partnerships

Business Charity Donations and Partnerships in Sussex

opportunitities for business charity donations and partnerships
Business Charity Donations and Partnerships

We are looking for local businesses to partner with us to help make a difference to cancer patients throughout Sussex. Our partnership’s main aim is to raise the profile of the charity in the local community and help with fundraising initiatives. If you are looking for a charity partner to help boost your corporate social responsibility policy, we have a number of ways businesses can get involved, either through sponsorship and our Business Ambassador programme, right down to company bake sales.

For details of our Business Ambassador Programme for individuals please click HERE.


If you are looking for a charity to work with and support, here are some things to consider:

  • The business charity donations go towards towards, equipment, research
    funding, building projects and services for cancer patients in
    Sussex. While we are relatively unknown it is likely that every
    cancer patient in Sussex will have directly benefitted from
    something funded by the charity.

Business & Charity Partnerships

  • We have really low overheads, with just two part-time
    employed members of staff.
  • The money raised doesn’t just go into a big pot, fundraisers
    can pick directly what the money is spent on from the NHS
    staff/Patient wish list. This helps to give a very tangible idea of
    how they are helping. It can mean more to say we bought a
    specific piece of vital equipment than we raised £££.
    • We are continuously adding to our events calendar so there
      will be events for business charity donations and to engage in and our digital reach is
      growing fast so we can make sure your support is recognised
      and promoted.
    • The money raised in Sussex stays in Sussex. We do a lot of what all the national cancer charities do but our work is carried out in the local Sussex Community.




    You can read more about working with us and business charity donations in our Business Partnership information. Or if you would like more details or to discuss our partnership opportunities please contact:

    David Witham

    01273 664930

    Some of our local business supporters include:

    Business and charity part

    This is what one of our business supporters has to say about working with the Sussex Cancer Fund

    “Sussex Cancer Fund have been our partner charity for the last two years and it has been a pleasure to work with them and support them. They are a charity that does amazing things for the Sussex Community, we have been very impressed with the many ways they use the funds that they receive.

    They manage to achieve the maximum results and benefit from every penny they get, and the patient’s benefit is primary. They are a lovely team and it’s very easy to work with them to our mutual benefit, nothing is too much trouble for them.

    We have done some great fundraising events for them and with them, which all our staff have made happen, engaged in and enjoyed. Everything from bake-off’s, raffles, dress down days, golf days, abseiled down the i360 to a fully themed Medieval Banquet.”

    Jason Edge, Marketing Director Mayo Wynne Baxter



    The Business Benefits of CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility)

    We love working with local businesses but support should be in the form of a mutually beneficial relationship. Below are some additional business benefits of business charity donations and actively supporting a charity. 

    A carefully implemented CSR policies can help your organisation:

    ♦Win new business – people prefer to do business that demonstrates CSR, and some even make it mandatory for suppliers
    ♦Differentiate yourself from your competitors
    ♦Develop and enhance relationships with customers, suppliers and networks – Good relationships with local authorities make doing business easier
    ♦Attract, retain and maintain a happy workforce – employees may be motivated stay longer, reducing the costs and disruption of recruitment and retraining.
    ♦Improve your business reputation
    ♦Provide access to investment and funding opportunities -you may find it easier to access finance as investors are more willing to back a reputable business.
    ♦Generate positive publicity and media opportunities
    ♦Provide material for your marketing content strategy and social media channels


    If you would like to support your local cancer charity through business charity donations, then please do get in touch