SCF Active Outlook – Physical Activity Programme

Welcome to the Active Outlook Exercise Programme

We are excited to introduce the Active Outlook Exercise Programme, a comprehensive initiative originally ‘Brighter outlook’ commissioned by NHS Sussex and run by the Brighton and Hove Albion Foundation. This program has now been seamlessly transitioned to the Sussex Cancer Fund, with kind administration support from the Macmillan Horizon Centre.

What is the Active Outlook Exercise Programme?

The Sctive Outlook Exercise Programme is a specialised initiative designed to support cancer patients on their journey to recovery and well-being. Through tailored exercise regimes and supportive guidance, participants experience improvements in both physical and emotional health, aiding in their overall quality of life. The Brighter Active Programme is also suitable for prehabilitation. Preparation for Optimal Health (Pre-Health) entails maximising your physical and mental fitness prior to undergoing surgery or other medical procedures. Adequately priming your body and mind enhances your ability to withstand surgery and treatments, facilitating a swifter and more efficient recovery process.

What’s Included in Our Sessions?

Engaging in physical activity can be immensely beneficial in preparing for cancer treatments, managing treatment side effects, and aiding in recovery. Here’s what our Active Outlook physical activity sessions entail to support you through your cancer journey:

Indoor and seated Exercise: Our sessions offer a diverse range of activities tailored to suit various preferences and needs.

Activity Classes via Zoom: Can’t make it to our in-person sessions? No problem! We offer virtual activity classes via Zoom, ensuring you can stay active and connected from the comfort of your home.

Running Group: For those interested in continuing their fitness journey beyond the ten-week program, we offer a running group.

How to Get Started:

Referring yourself or someone you know to the Active Outlook programme is simple. You have two options:

  1. Self-Referral: You can refer yourself directly to the programme by filling out our online referral form below.
  2. Referral by Your Cancer Care Team: Alternatively, a member of your cancer care team can refer you to our programme. They can do this by contacting us directly.

Once we receive your referral, a member of our team will promptly reach out to you to arrange an appointment. During this appointment, we will discuss your unique circumstances and tailor our support to meet your needs.

If you have any questions or would like further information, please don’t hesitate to reach out. Click the button below to speak with someone from our team and take the first step towards a brighter outlook on your cancer journey.

To refer yourself or to find out more please use the form below