Purchases – Thank you to all the generous benefactors who have helped fund the following equipment and projects

Empowering Patients After Cancer: Sussex Cancer Fund's Life Coaching Initiative

When it comes to cancer, the journey doesn’t end with treatment completion. People often face unique challenges as they navigate life beyond cancer, including emotional and psychological aspects that impact their overall well-being. Recognising the importance of holistic support, the Sussex Cancer Fund has taken a groundbreaking step by funding life coaching for six cancer […]

Protecting Patient Nails with Polybalm

Unfortunately one of the side effects of receiving cancer treatment, like chemotherapy, can be damaged fingernails and toenails. They may grow more slowly and break more easily, often becoming very tender and can leave patients open to infections. Sussex Cancer Fund has purchased a few tubes of Polybalm for patients undergoing treatment in Worthing and […]

Night Out for Brighton Chemo Staff

The well-being of the hard-working oncology staff in Sussex is something we take seriously at the Sussex Cancer Fund and a night out bowling and bonding can make all the difference. Thankfully that is something our supporters agree with and we were so grateful to Mrs Vania Phitidis, who wished that her generous donation be […]