SCF Supporting the Breast Care Team through funding Clinical Supervision

Dr Lesley Edwards
Consultant Clinical Psychologist
C.Psychol, BSc, CertFamTher, MSc, PsychD, AFBPsS
Chartered Clinical Psychologist, Registered HCPC Practitioner Psychologist

The Sussex Cancer Fund is funding the Clinical Supervision for the Breast Care Team across Worthing and Chichester Hospital, part of the University Hospitals Sussex NHS Foundation Trust. These monthly counselling sessions are run by Dr Lesley Edwards,  Clinical Psychologist and are open to all staff from the Breastcare Team to come and share their challenges and feelings in a safe and supported space, with time dedicated to self-care and wellbeing.


The Breast Care Team offer not only medical expertise but also emotional and psychological support, making their work emotionally demanding. This is where clinical supervision comes into play.

Clinical supervision is a structured and confidential process that allows healthcare professionals to reflect on their practice, enhance their skills, and ultimately provide better care to patients. For breast care nurses, who deal with the complexities of breast cancer diagnosis, treatment, and emotional support, clinical supervision is not just beneficial; it’s essential.

Here’s why clinical supervision matters:

Emotional Support: Breast cancer is not only physically challenging but emotionally draining. Clinical supervision provides a safe space for staff to discuss their feelings and experiences, reducing the risk of burnout and compassion fatigue.

Professional Development: Supervision sessions encourage ongoing learning and skill enhancement. This, in turn, benefits patients by ensuring they receive the most up-to-date and effective care.

Enhanced Patient Care: By addressing the emotional and psychological toll of their work, staff can provide more compassionate and empathetic care to their patients, ultimately improving patient outcomes.

The impact of this charitable initiative on breast care staff cannot be overstated. Here are a few ways it has transformed their professional lives:

  1. Reduced Stress and Burnout: Clinical supervision helps staff manage the emotional toll of their work, reducing stress and burnout rates.
  2. Increased Confidence: With regular supervision, staff gain confidence in their abilities, which positively impacts their interactions with patients and colleagues.
  3. Improved Patient Relationships: Staff who undergo clinical supervision are better equipped to build strong, supportive relationships with their patients, creating a more positive healthcare experience.

What is the Impact on Patients of Clinical Supervision

The ripple effect of clinical supervision funding extends to patients as well:

Better Patient Care: When staff are emotionally and professionally supported, patients receive better care, leading to improved health outcomes.

Increased Patient Satisfaction: Patients benefit from the improved communication, empathy, and understanding exhibited by nurses who undergo clinical supervision.

Fostering Trust: Patients tend to trust healthcare professionals who appear confident and emotionally stable, leading to better adherence to treatment plans and overall trust in the healthcare system.


By recognising the unique challenges faced by these dedicated healthcare professionals and providing the necessary support, the Sussex Cancer Fund is not only improving the well-being of staff but also positively impacting patient care. If you would like to support the Sussex Cancer Fund with this and other initiatives please donate using the button below.


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