About Us and Our Work

1 in 2 people in Sussex will develop cancer.

Every single cancer patient in Sussex will benefit from something we have funded during their care, but for us to continue to achieve this, we need your help. It is our responsibility to guide others in how cancer can impact lives as well about support for cancer patients.

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About Support for Cancer Patients

There are 200 different types of cancer and whilst cancer survival rates are increasing all the time, as treatment and surgery advances, the UK still lags behind many other countries.
Our funds fulfil the needs of Sussex hospitals and provide support for cancer patients in terms of equipment, resources, services, research and facilities.

Where your money went, where your donations go
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The Sussex Cancer Fund was created in 1981 by consultant oncologists Dr Deutsch, Dr Hodson and Dr Murrell. Originally called the Sussex Cancer Treatment Fund, the charity progressed to include the funding and development of research programmes and later became known as the Sussex Cancer Fund for Treatment and Research. Now named the Sussex Cancer Fund, the goals of the fund are to work hand in hand with the NHS to give every cancer patient in Sussex the best available treatment and facilities.

Our most recent projects about support for cancer patients success included over £1 million worth of refurbishment to patient areas at the Sussex Cancer Centre including:

  • A comfortable patients’ lounge
  • A more accessible entrance and reception
  • Up to date Impression Suite and the latest immobilisation system
  • The North extension released offices to provide vital clinical space
  • The patient and carers’ car park
  • Refurbished quiet room
  • Refurbished chemotherapy waiting room
  • Recipe books for chemotherapy patients
  • Accessible garden – providing a relaxing, outdoor space to aid the support to cancer patients and their families


In addition, we fund a number of patient services to help make their cancer journey more bearable. Often in collaboration with other charities, we have provided services and short courses such as acupuncture, massage, financial advice for cancer patients, life coaching, counselling, art therapy, and physical activity courses.

Purpose of the Sussex Cancer Fund

We work together with the NHS to help make life better for cancer patients in Sussex – providing equipment and services that make a tangible difference for patients who are often on a difficult and stressful journey. We also selectively fund and enable Sussex based cancer research programs that contribute to the understanding of cancers and improved outcomes for patients.

Vision for 2027

The Sussex Cancer Fund will have grown substantially in public awareness about support for cancer patients and fundraising levels and we will be celebrating the success of a three

pronged strategy – all generally above core NHS funding.

  1. A strong and growing set of cancer research projects based in Sussex – some of these jointly funded by the SCF together with other major UK medical and research organizations
  2. The provision of funded services such as acupuncture, massage therapy, exercise programs, outward bound programs to rebuild confidence, dietary advice, and the provision of free ‘extras’ such as magazines, tea/coffee, car parking -for the Sussex Cancer Centre based in the Royal Sussex County Hospital – all with hugely positive feedback from patients and their families
  3. The gradual implementation of a plan to support other NHS cancer treatment centres in Sussex, based on their specific equipment, service needs and priorities – within our fundraising capabilities

Where we cover

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