Active Outlook Programme For Cancer Patients in Sussex: Sussex Cancer Fund Takes the Reins

The highly acclaimed Brighter Outlook Programme, initially commissioned by NHS Sussex and run by the Brighton and Hove Albion Foundation, is set to continue its remarkable journey under the auspices of the Sussex Cancer Fund with a new name Active Outlook. Due to the conclusion of the initial funding, and amidst a challenging landscape marked by a cost of living crisis and funding cuts affecting numerous services and charities, the Sussex Cancer Fund has admirably stepped forward to sustain the Active Outlook programme.

As part of this transition, the original staff members have been retained, maintaining the invaluable expertise and continuity essential for the programme’s success and with kind administration support from the Macmillan Horizon Centre. This strategic move underscores the Sussex Cancer Fund’s commitment to supporting individuals affected by cancer and enriching their lives through holistic care initiatives. This transition marks a significant milestone in providing ongoing support for individuals affected by cancer in the Sussex region.

“We are delighted that Sussex Cancer Fund are supporting the continuation of this incredible service for people affected by cancer,” remarked Elaine Spencer, Support Services Manager at Macmillan. The programme has achieved such positive outcomes for people before, during, and after treatment, and the variety of physical activity sessions means there is something for everyone. The dedicated and highly trained team of physical activity coaches create such a powerful atmosphere of fun and laughter that supports and encourages everyone to keep moving, which is so important.”

Liz Mooney, one of the Coaches involved with the programme, shared her thoughts on the journey: “Myself and Ros (another Active Outlook Coach) have worked on Active Outlook from its inception and it has been amazing. It has been the most rewarding and inspiring nine years. I never cease to be amazed by my clients who come to the project wanting support at a vulnerable time in their lives. As a consequence of support they gain confidence, self-esteem, make new friends, and most importantly, improve fitness. Their feedback is humbling, and I am in awe of them. I feel so grateful that Active Outlook is continuing.”

David Witham, Fund Manager for Sussex Cancer Fund, emphasized the importance of exercise in their patient services portfolio: “Exercise is a valuable part of our patient services portfolio. The Active Outlook Programme aligns perfectly with our mission to provide holistic support to individuals affected by cancer, and we are thrilled to incorporate it into our offerings.”

The transition of the programme comes with deep appreciation for the Brighton and Hove Albion Foundation, who provided this invaluable service for so long.

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