Dedicated cookbook helping cancer patients in Sussex – Funded by the Sussex Cancer Fund


Not so porridge cookbook created by Kirsty Clutterbuck, specialist head and neck cancer dietitian at University Hospitals Sussex NHS Foundation Trust

Patients being treated for head and neck cancer now have access to a cookbook specifically designed to meet their needs and ease the impact of their treatment.

Not so porridge cookbook created by Kirsty Clutterbuck, specialist head and neck cancer dietitian at University Hospitals Sussex NHS Foundation Trust has been created for people with head and neck cancer, preparing for and going through treatments such as radiotherapy and chemotherapy.

The book features a number of recipes to help patients with altered or complete loss of taste, painful swallowing and a loss of appetite.


Kirsty, who has been a Registered Dietician for 14 years, explains:

“Not so porridge cookbook was created to inspire and spark people’s interest in food whilst helping them maintain weight and strength during a difficult and complex diagnosis. The recipes are high in protein and involve ingredients to sustain energy, which is important for people undergoing cancer treatment.”

The book has been designed with patient feedback at the heart of it, with recipes and ideas included from people receiving treatment.


Lisa Barrott, Divisional Director of Nursing & AHPs for Cancer at University Hospitals Sussex adds: “A dedicated cookbook with recipes from clinicians and influenced by people going through or having lived experience of head and neck cancer is a valuable part of a patient’s cancer journey.

“Being diagnosed with cancer and undergoing treatment is such a challenging time for anyone; any assistance to help ensure adequate nutritional intake and that symptoms related to the treatment are managed properly is key in providing the best care possible.”


One of the signature dishes from the book called ‘Seagull’s Fish Pie’ was inspired by Kirsty and her patients love of Brighton & Hove Albion Football Club.

Additional recipes include mango lassi, hummus ‘fiveways’, tofu and noodle soup, and tabernonova tortilla. All recipes are designed with fewer ingredients and similar foods are used throughout the book, with the aim of reducing costs, time spent shopping and to make cooking easier.


Tommy Walsh, TV personality and patient,  tried the signature dish and offered his thanks to the team: “Well done everyone involved in putting this book together, it will be of great assistance to many people, and thank you all for your kind help!”

Not so porridge cookbook is available to order from Sussex Cancer Fund, which funded the project in collaboration with the Sussex Cancer Centre in Brighton.

David Witham, Fund Manager for the Sussex Cancer Fund, added: “At Sussex Cancer Fund, our mission is to offer all-round assistance to cancer patients in Sussex. Kirsty’s cookbook for head and neck cancer patients perfectly complements our existing initiatives, such as providing equipment, patient services, and supporting research. Together, these efforts create a comprehensive approach to easing the cancer journey and enhancing the well-being of those affected. With its tailored recipes, the cookbook helps patients enjoy nourishing meals, contributing to their comfort and overall well-being during treatment.”


The proceeds from the book support cancer patients in Sussex, giving them access to vital resources and care.