Breast Cancer Post-Operative Cushions Given a Boost by the SCF

Breast Cancer Post-Operative CushionsThe colourful heart-shaped breast cancer post-operative cushions given to patients after surgery are often the most underestimated but most gratefully received item they will use. The specially designed cushions provide comfort and protection post-surgery and have been made lovingly by generations of amazing volunteers.

However, as they are actually quite a specialist item to be used in a medical setting, there are some quite strict guidelines for their manufacture and design. Specially approved materials and stuffing have to be used, and they have to be made to a high standard in a smoke-free hygienic setting.

Debbie Elwell-Sutton, Senior Macmillan, Cancer Nurse Specialist, at the Park Centre for Breast Care in Brighton has been co-ordinating their manufacture for over 7 years, making sure all the wonderful volunteers, individuals, sewing groups and local Women’s Institutes that have helped over the years, have the correct patterns and the approved fabrics and filling.

What is probably not realised is that Debbie does the fundraising herself to buy the materials on top of her role as a Breast Cancer Nurse Specialist. The COVID Pandemic has meant it has been very hard for Debbie to raise the necessary money to make enough cushions for the number of breast cancer patients seen at the centre.

The Sussex Cancer Fund has given Debbie a grant of £1000 to buy the special materials needed to make about 400 cushions, so she can continue to co-ordinate this collective effort to provide a little comfort to breast cancer patients in Sussex.

Thank you, Debbie, and to all the volunteers for taking the time and care to make the cushions.

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