Charities Working Together….SimPal

SimPalThe Sussex Cancer Fund has always been proud to work in partnership with other charities. We understand that we can achieve more together. In particular, we like working with other small charities that complement the work we do. SimPal is one of those charities and is supporting hundreds of patients with cancer through a simple yet very innovative idea.

About SimPal

For people living with cancer, mobile communication is a necessity not a luxury.

SimPal provides FREE pre-paid SIM cards and mobile phones (when available) to those living with cancer. They are the only charity in the world providing this unique service. Their support is provided for free and applications are non means-tested.

They support some of the most vulnerable people in society, from families with young children living with cancer, to older people who have never used a mobile device previously.  Keeping in touch and feeling connected with others while undergoing treatment can make a real difference. Sadly not everyone is in the position to afford a mobile phone with ‘Cancer poverty’ affecting more people every week.

SimPal take away the worry about the cost by providing a phone for free for six months, enabling people to stay in touch with friends and family. They can also use their phones to make appointments and talk to the caregivers and maybe even access support that they would have otherwise not been able to, such as online services and support groups.

If you or you know anyone that would benefit from this fantastic service or would like to support them please get in touch with SimPal directly by visiting their website