Completed 30 mile run challenge – Ophelia’s Journey

Pre-Christmas 30 mile run challenge

I am the final member of Consortium to do a physical challenge to support our charity, the Sussex Cancer Fund. I set myself the challenge of running 30 miles before Christmas! This definitely was a challenge for me because I have never been a long distance runner, as well as completing the distance in the busy month of December!

My aim was to run in varied conditions and different terrains. Running on a treadmill, along the seafront and off-road! I pushed myself and achieved my 30 mile goal. I received a lot of support and donations from my friends, family and colleagues which I really appreciated! All the donations made went to the Sussex Cancer Fund!

Knowing that I was raising money for such an amazing charity definitely gave me an intensive and motivated me to complete my run.

I posted regular updates on my just giving page so that my supporters could follow my progress, see my journey below:

04.12.18 First Treadmill Run

I started my run yesterday evening, running 4.03km which is the equivalent of 2.5 miles. A nice distance to ease me into the challenge, 27.5 miles to go!

06.12.18 Treadmill Run

I continued my run Thursday evening, running another 4.03 km, equivalent to 2.5 miles on the treadmill. 5 Miles of my challenge completed!

07.12.18 Treadmill Run

Friday evening, I ran 8.04 km on the treadmill, which is 5 miles. Making the total of my run 10 miles, another 20 to go!

08.12.18 Off-road & Pavement Run

Saturday Morning, I ran 5 miles around my local area, on the pavement as well as off road. Running outside is a lot more of a challenge compared to running on a treadmill! Rounding the total of my run to 15 miles, halfway there.

09.12.18 Pavement Seafront Run

Sunday afternoon I ran along the under-cliff from Saltdean to the Brighton Marina and back again, making the total of 5 miles. I really enjoyed this run, nice weather definitely has a positive impact on my running. Completing 20 miles of my challenge in total, I now have 10 miles left!

11.12.18 Treadmill Run

Tuesday evening, I ran another 4.04 km on the treadmill, which is 2.5 miles. Bringing me to 22.5 miles. Only 7.5 miles to go!

13.12.18 Treadmill Run

Thursday evening of last week I ran another 2.5 miles on the Treadmill, bringing me to 25 miles in total.

16.12.18 Off-road & Pavement, Final Run!

I completed the last 5 miles of my run yesterday afternoon! It was on the pavement as well as off road. It was a tricky run but knowing it was the final few miles gave me an intensive! This run has been a challenge for me but opened my eyes up to long distance running which I will continue to do in the future, hopefully signing up to more fundraising events. Thank you to everyone who has supported me and donated to Sussex Cancer Fund!