Empowering Patients After Cancer: Sussex Cancer Fund’s Life Coaching Initiative

When it comes to cancer, the journey doesn’t end with treatment completion. People often face unique challenges as they navigate life beyond cancer, including emotional and psychological aspects that impact their overall well-being. Recognising the importance of holistic support, the Sussex Cancer Fund has taken a groundbreaking step by funding life coaching for six cancer patients, post treatment, as part of a pilot scheme.

In collaboration with Sue Brown from Crossroads Coaching, this initiative aims to empower individuals and provide them with invaluable tools to embrace their new post-treatment lives. In this blog post, we will explore the significance of life coaching for cancer patients and how this pilot scheme is making a positive impact.

Embracing a Holistic Approach:

The Sussex Cancer Fund understands that the aftermath of cancer treatment involves more than just physical healing. Emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being play vital roles in a survivor’s quality of life. By investing in life coaching, the fund is embracing a holistic approach to cancer care, acknowledging the multifaceted needs of survivors and their desire for personal growth and empowerment.


The Power of Life Coaching:

Life coaching provides a supportive and collaborative partnership between the coach and the individual, focusing on setting goals, overcoming obstacles, and achieving personal transformation. It empowers individuals to identify their strengths, discover new perspectives, and develop actionable plans to create the life they want now. For cancer patients after treatment, life coaching can be instrumental in rebuilding self-esteem, regaining a sense of control, and exploring new paths for personal and professional growth.


Sue Brown and Crossroads Coaching:

Sue Brown, a life coach with experience of working with many people living with and after cancer,  has partnered with the Sussex Cancer Fund for this pilot scheme. With her expertise in coaching and her understanding of the challenges faced by cancer patients, Sue brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the programme.  Her collaboration with the fund demonstrates her commitment to supporting individuals in their journey beyond cancer, helping them navigate the transition and discover new possibilities.


Life coaching for cancer patients after treatment can have a profound impact on their lives. It provides them with a supportive environment to explore their dreams, aspirations, and personal growth opportunities. By focusing on their strengths and aspirations rather than solely on their cancer experience, survivors can regain a sense of purpose, enhance their self-confidence, and develop strategies to overcome obstacles they may encounter along the way.


Pioneering a Pilot Scheme:

The Sussex Cancer Fund’s decision to fund life coaching for six cancer patients in West Sussex is a pioneering step in recognising the importance of holistic support post-treatment. This pilot scheme serves as a testbed to evaluate the benefits and effectiveness of life coaching in the cancer survivorship journey. The insights gained from this initiative will not only benefit the participants but also inform future support programmes for cancer patients across the region.


The Sussex Cancer Fund’s commitment to funding life coaching for cancer patients represents a progressive approach to cancer care and survivorship. By recognising the importance of holistic support beyond treatment, they are empowering individuals to embrace their post-cancer lives, explore new possibilities, and achieve personal growth. This pilot scheme with Sue Brown from Crossroads Coaching serves as a testament to their dedication in improving the well-being of cancer patients and highlights the significance of life coaching in supporting individuals on their journey to reclaim their lives after cancer.

If you would think you would benefit from Life Coaching, speak with your Health Care Professionals and share this information flyer with them, to refer you through the Sussex Cancer Fund Pilot or Sussex Cancer Fund on 01273 664930 or email: uhsussex.scfadministrator@nhs.net with your details.

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