Feedback From One of Our Recent Patients

We love it when we hear that something the Sussex Cancer Fund has done has made a real difference to a patient’s experience. Here, Mike Jourdain, a recent patient tells us about how he benefitted from the Sussex Cancer Fund Car Park and the cookbooks we fund.

“We are so thankful for the amazing support we had whilst undergoing chemotherapy at the Sussex Cancer centre. Having the use of the car park spaces made drop off and pick up after each session so much easier for my wife. With the additional anxiety of losing weight, we were so thankful for the advice we were given by the dietician, Mhairi and the recipe books which we were given which meant we could take control of the situation.

The recipes helped to take the stress of meeting the daily calorie count and also made it more fun as my wife and I could sit down and plan meals which we knew were right for me. We were actually able to get back to my starting chemo weight over the period which was so encouraging and subsequently enabled me to continue my progress post chemo.” Mike Jourdain, Recent Patient.

A Huge thanks to the wonderful Mhairi for sharing this with us & of course all that you do!
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