Highlands Road Charity Bingo

Highlands road charity boozy bingoWe would like to say a huge thank you to the residents of Highland Road, Portslade. During the Summer Lockdown some of the residents got together for regular socially distanced bingo! Choosing a different charity each week about 15 residents came together to play and formed the ‘Highlands Road Charity Bingo’ group.

One of the organisers, Tracy Green, would check the weather forecast and send out details on their group Facebook page, all who were free came out on the day, then sat in their front gardens/driveways with their chairs, dobbers and prizes for the winners’ table.

They chose the Sussex Cancer Fund as one of their charities as several of the residents have received treatment at the Sussex Cancer Centre, one of the main facilities the charity supports with equipment & additional services for patients.

Tracy said “we have had some very funny prizes especially during proper lockdown, we had sugar, bleach, eggs, flour, spam, books etc  but now as most are all able to go to supermarkets & have returned to work the prizes are tins of food, wine, biscuits etc, and I sell the bingo tickets, we all pay £5 per person for about 10 games of bingo, it’s really good fun & will be a shame when it all ends when the weather turns cold”

So far they have raised £834 – over 6 bingo afternoons and have donated to:

  • Sussex Cancer Fund
  • The Martletts Hospice
  • St Barnabas Hospice
  • Chestnut Tree House
  • British Heart Foundation
  • Purple People Kitchen

We at the Sussex Cancer Fund, love this idea for fundraising, a beautiful example of communities coming together, having fun and raising much-needed funds for cancer patients in Sussex. Thank you to all!