James and Ali Go Jogging – Brighton Half Marathon 26th February 2023

Brighton half marathonWe would like to thank James & Alistair, Trainees from the Brighton and Sussex Medical School for taking part in this years Brighton Half Marathon on 26th February.


James & Ali said “After hearing SCF speak at BSMS, we were moved by the level of support they offer both patients and their families going through difficult times. The personal level of care they are able to provide, from specialist equipment to cups of tea and coffee makes all the difference during cancer treatment.

This means all donations no matter how big or small will contribute to bettering the lives of those battling cancer. Having both come from families affected by this disease, we are proud to support SCF by running the Brighton Half Marathon on the 26th of Feb.”


If you would like to show your support for James and Ali’s half marathon you can do so through the donation button below: