NET Cancer Foundation Community Day – 28th September 2019

Please join the NET Cancer Foundation in raising awareness for Cancer Patients and building community.

Community is vital for everyone, particularly those seeking better health.

The NET Cancer Foundation Community Day offers you, your friends and your family the opportunity to connect and relate, information to learn about and try alternative health therapies and space to enjoy good food and great company!

Please join us on 28th September at Crowborough Community Centre, with
Presentations including:

2 pm: NET Cancer Awareness and the Community;
2.30pm: Hydration and ionised water;
3 pm:
Guided breathwork and meditation;
3.30pm: Endocannabinoid system and CBD oil;

Healing therapy:
• Personal Trainers/Health coaches:
• Nutritionists • Masseuses • Reiki Practitioners • Art Therapists
• Yoga practitioners • Meditation practitioners • Breathwork practitioners

Plus Movement, Play, Skills and Rest and Digest Zones!

The whole family are welcome, please get in touch with us at with any questions.

If you would like to be involved, have an idea or would like to donate to the day, please register your volunteer skills on Able, the skills marketplace.