New Leg Exercise Machines Thanks To Fundraising by Dr Richard Simcock

leg exercisers for cancer patients
Dr Richard Simcock, Consultant & Ravikumar Pankhaniyar, Healthcare Assistant with one of the leg exercise machines

The Sussex Cancer Fund has just purchased 4 leg exercise machines from funds raised by Dr Richard Simcock. Dr Simcock raised the money by abseiling down the i360 in Brighton a few months ago.

Dr Simcock suggested we buy the machines from the £1340 he raised to provide the opportunity for Chemotherapy Patients to do some gentle exercise, if appropriate while receiving treatment. Keeping active is beneficial for everyone but there is also increasing evidence that exercise can provide certain benefits to cancer patients including:

  • reducing anxiety & improving depression
  • reducing fatigue
  • improving quality of life during and after cancer treatment
  • preventing or improving lymphoedema (a type of swelling caused by treatment to lymph nodes)
  • improving general physical functioning

The video below shows Dr Simcock demonstrating one of the machines.

Thank you once again to Dr Simcock and the rest of the brave team that completed our iDropSCF challenge.