New Reclining Treatment Chair For Haematology Ward

Reclining Treatment Chair For Haematology Ward
Team Member, Valentina, with the new chair

The Sussex Cancer Fund has purchased a new ‘Toronto’ treatment chair for the Haematology Ward. The purchase was made possible by a kind donation from a recent Haematology & Oncology patient.

The reclining chair easily shifts into the Trendelenburg position if needed. Sometimes situations occur where a patient is in shock or faints, medical professionals need to get patients into a flat position quickly to aid recovery. This flat or slightly tilted position is called the Trendelenburg position and is often used in a wide range of medical procedures.

More commonly the treatment chair is used to give patients a more comfortable position to receive treatment which can be adjusted electronically, but with an additional manual release handle for changing to the Trendelenburg position should it be needed.

We would like to thank our kind supporter for helping us provide this valuable piece of equipment. If you would like to help us buy even more equipment please support us by using the donation button below.

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