Preston Park Radiotherapy Centre would like to thank the Sussex Cancer Fund for enabling us to buy a crucial set of items for our patients – pyjamas!

The majority of patients we currently treat at PPRC have cancers located in the pelvis.  We now give each new patient a pair of pyjamas for them to bring in every day for treatment.  When it comes to their appointment time, they change into these pyjamas in individual changing cubicles, situated opposite the treatment rooms.  Once in the room, in order to deliver radiotherapy accurately, the radiographers need to adjust how the patient lies on the treatment couch so they are in exactly the right position. They do this by aligning tattoo marks located on the patient’s pelvis, which are made at their radiotherapy planning scan.  In order for the radiographers to see these marks, the patients need to slightly lower their pyjamas.  With everything in place the treatment process can commence.  After the radiotherapy session patients can get changed and go home.

This use of pyjamas contributes to the smooth running of the department, but more crucially, improves the treatment experience for the patient.  They enable the patients to be comfortable during treatment, and to maintain their privacy and dignity.  They may seem like a small thing, but these pyjamas make a really big difference!