SCF & Something To Look Forward To in Sussex

Something To Look Forward ToThe Sussex Cancer Fund believes that collaboration and working together with other charities will help us all move towards our individual charity objectives. This is why we were delighted to hear from the charity ‘Something To Look Forward To’.

‘Something To Look Forward To’ are now delivering their multi award-winning cancer service in Sussex. They provide donated gifts, experiences, and essential items for people of any age, living with any cancer diagnosis up to one year after their last surgery or active treatment. Discover their incredible range of free experiences including cottage holidays, restaurant meals, and special family days, or browse their wide selection of tangible gifts and essentials including clothes, bedding, toiletries and pamper packs. It’s so simple to apply via their charity website.


If you are an agency supporting those living with cancer in Sussex, you can access our Essentials Project for your patients here:


If you would like to donate a gift, experience or essential items to someone living with cancer in Sussex please get in touch: