SCF What do we do? – Coffee for Patients

One of the more simple services that the Sussex Cancer Fund pays for is the provision of ‘nice’ coffee for patients on the Chemotherapy ward.

Patients are on the ward for long periods of time and a decent cup of coffee can be very welcome at times. The coffee is free for patients and we only ask for a suggested donation of 50p for visitors.

While this service costs the Sussex Cancer Fund approximately £5.5k per year, the benefit of making patients feel more comfortable is invaluable. Patients can also potentially save a lot of money with less reliance on having to purchase beverages from elsewhere.

Julia Lenton, the Sussex Cancer Fund Manager says ‘After the free car park the coffee is the second most commented on service that Sussex Cancer Fund provides. Patients are going through a really tough time and a good cup of coffee is a small touch that can make a real difference

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