SCF Working together with THANCS

The Head and Neck Cancer Support Group, Brighton,SussexThe Sussex Cancer Fund has always been proud to work in partnership with other charities and organisations. We understand that we can achieve more together. In particular, we like working with other small local charities and support groups that complement the work we do. THANCS is one of those groups.

THANCS is a local support group and network for patients and staff. It is open to anyone who has undergone or is undergoing treatment for Head or Neck Cancer. We asked Steve Grantham, Secretary of Thancs-Brighton for an update on recent collaborations.

Steve Grantham’s THANCS Update


” We here at the Thancs support group have supported the SCF since we were formed in 2011 and hopefully will continue to do so in the future. We support the SCF as ex-patients, carers and any new patients that join us for the support that the SCF provides to patients and carers.

In this instance a supporter of our group kindly ran the 2019 Brighton half-marathon (her 1st ever one) and kindly donated the monies raised to us, we decided as a group to put the monies raised back into the Cancer centre so with the advice of the SCF we bought the following items, a tablet to enable nurses to record info from the patient directly onto their system rather than write it down and then input it leaving more time to care for patients, the photo attached shows the presentation being made to some of the centre nurses by Jane Pickett who ran the marathon and members of the Thancs support group.

Secondly, we have purchased a couple of specialised scales to measure undernutrition by the dieticians in the cancer centre. We know that these will be put to good use and will benefit not only the nurses but the patients as well”. 


THANCS is a very supportive group and if you would like to find out more about them please visit their website.