Slipper Socks – A Thank you from all the Radiotherapy Units at the Sussex Cancer Centre

The Sussex Cancer Fund has recently, kindly, provided the radiotherapy units with some slip-free slipper socks. This will enable us to provide our patients with a pair to wear when they are having their radiotherapy. Like the PJ bottoms that the Sussex Cancer Fund also provided, we will be giving each patient a pair and ask them to bring them each day – however, they will be disposed of at the end of treatment.

Patients will benefit from the socks as:

  • It will reduce the risk of slips, trips, and falls, currently, most patient walk from the changing rooms into the treatment room in their normal socks and there is a real risk of slipping
  • It will keep patients feet warm whilst they are in the treatment room – it can get very chilly in the treatment rooms
  • It will increase the life of the combi fix foot pads that the charity regularly provides, these pads are an essential part of the equipment that we use to keep patients still whilst they have treatment. As bare feet won’t be in contact with the pad, we will be able to keep the pad cleaner for longer, which means the foam won’t deteriorate.

Socks sound like such a small thing, but they will make a massive difference for our patients.