B is for Breast Cancer: 4 (Meet Lucy and Jack and Friends)

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B is for Breast Cancer Children's Book

Lucy and Jack have a Mum who has been diagnosed with primary breast cancer and needs to have chemotherapy, surgery, radiotherapy and hormone therapy. This book explores a little of the impact on the lives of the family, in a way designed to be helpful and non-threatening to children who may share a similar experience. An Oncology Consultant at Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals NHS Trust, described the book saying "Every parent with a diagnosis of cancer has the dilemma of how much to share with their children, while trying to protect them.

This reassuring and loving book written from personal experience, involves children in the treatment plans and medical vocabulary of the new world the family has entered" Written by a nurse and doctor in order to help explain to their own children, this book will help families talk about some of the issues around primary breast cancer and its treatments.

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