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This book has been specially written for cancer patients who are having difficulty eating and swallowing.

It has been written by professionals working in the field of nutrition, swallowing and cancer, together with the support of people who have experienced difficulties with eating and swallowing associated with their illnessIt may help cancer patients who have:

  • sore mouths and throats, where chewing and swallowing is painful and tiring
  • those who have had surgery to the mouth , throat or oesophagus which has made the process of eating more difficult
  • a cancer which is physically obstructing the throat or oesophagus , making the passage of food into the stomach more difficult

The book is divided into sections; the first focusses on the swallowing process and how textures can be changed to make swallowing easier. It explains about the kitchen equipment which might be needed to help make foods the correct texture and how to liquidise successfully. It also has lots of practical tips to help deal with some of the other symptoms often associated with cancer such as poor appetite , feeling too full , suffering from a dry mouth and taste changes .
The second section has recipes for starters, main dishes and puddings, which are designed to be easy to make, soft in texture and would be suitable to be liquidised. They are designed to be high in nutrients including energy to support people with cancer who have been having difficulty with eating and swallowing and lost weight.

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