Up-cycling from the Bolney Bobbins

Bolney Bobbins

Thank you so much to the Bolney Bobbins for your recent donation of £175. Bolney Bobbins use donated fabric to make beautiful items which they sell for charity.

The most recent sales raised money for the Sussex Cancer Fund, Hope House Haiti and St. Peter & St. James’ Hospice.

The photos clockwise from left: 1. Julia Lenton, Fund Manager for SCF with Bolney Bobbin Member Joanne Reed & Anna Taylor, Junior Sister, Haematology/Oncology Day Unit, PRH. 2. Joanne with Anna together with more Bolney Bobbin members Sarah Bridger and Sue Lee (thanks also to Alison Kinnersly not pictured is also a member). 3.some of the gorgeous items the group have made.

Thank you, ladies!