What’s on our wish list? – Leg Exerciser

Every day we receive requests from staff and patients about equipment that can either help with treatment or just make patients a little more comfortable. Sometimes they are suggestions for brand new equipment and sometimes the request is to replace something that has become worn, broken or just outdated. You can see our full wish list here

Leg Exerciser

Leg Exercise Machine

Exercising during chemotherapy can help ease side effects, such as fatigue and nausea in some patients.

While exercise may not be suitable for everyone, leg exercisers can provide an easy way to keep joints mobile and gently simulates walking while sitting down. Ideal for patients receiving chemotherapy for up to 8 hours.

The Chemotherapy Department here at BSUH really needs another Leg Exerciser machine to enable more of those receiving treatment to do some gentle exercise should they want to.

Leg exercisers – £150

If you would like to donate or do some fundraising to help provide more Leg Exercise machines please get in touch