2 New Patient Trolleys for the Sussex Cancer Centre

From Left: Rob Edgerley, Katherine Perry, Charlie Orman, Lacie Snow & Mhairi Donald

This week the Sussex Cancer Fund was delighted to provide two new patient trolleys for the Sussex Cancer Centre. The two trolleys were purchased as a result of the fundraising efforts of our fantastic supporters Emma Knight and Penny Cattaneo & David Shannon.

The trolleys, costing £3000 each will really make a difference to patients and staff at the centre. These state of the art trolleys have many design features designed to improve comfort and usability.

The trolleys are lowered and raised by an electric motor, which puts less of a physical strain on nurses. They also go very low to the ground allowing frail patients to be able to get on the bed with much greater ease, which also reduces the need for manual handling.

The steering mechanism is very light and allows the trolleys to be moved by one person with ease. They also come with their own drip stands and oxygen holders, which means equipment can be moved easily with the patient.

The safety rails can be operated simply and smoothly without the manual ‘yanking’ associated with traditional trolleys. In fact, the new rails are much safer, as the old rails often cause staff injury.

The new trolleys can withstand much greater weights, with much wider and more comfortable mattresses which means they can be used for a greater range of patients.

Just a note to say a great thank you to the Sussex Cancer Fund and sponsors for our new stretchers within the oncology outpatient department.

These will be so much more comfortable for patients coming for radiotherapy treatment within the centre who can sometimes be with us all day.

As the new stretchers are fully electric patients can sit themselves up and maintain their own comfort, the stretchers also come down low enabling patients to get on and off easily.

This will also enable staff to be less hand’s on with often unwell patients, trying to manoeuvre them up steps to our older high stretchers.

Many thanks

The oncology outpatient nursing and radiotherapy team.

So, in summary, the new trolleys will provide greater patient comfort, will be more efficient to use and provide staff a greater level of health and safety.

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