What’s on our wish list?- Cold Caps

Every day we receive requests from staff and patients about equipment that can either help with treatment or just make patients a little more comfortable. Sometimes they are suggestions for brand new equipment and sometimes the request is to replace something that has become worn, broken or just outdated. You can see our full wish list here

Cold Caps

A Cold Cap machine is a piece of equipment that actively cools the scalp of patients receiving chemotherapy. Scalp cooling can sometimes reduce or prevent hair loss caused by chemotherapy. It works by reducing the blood flow to the scalp. This can stop the chemotherapy drug from affecting the hair. Scalp cooling does not work with all chemotherapy drugs, and it is not always possible to know how effective the treatment will be but can be effective in many cases. Scalp cooling only protects the hair on the scalp and therefore patients may still lose hair from other parts of the body. Patients often list hair loss as one of the key concerns of their treatment. Reducing hair loss or even preventing hair loss can do a lot to preserve a more positive self-image and a sense of normality.

We are fundraising for the caps to go with the new cold cap machines which are being purchased by our partners BSUH Charity.

Cold Caps – £8000

If you would like to donate or do some fundraising to help provide even more equipment please get in touch