Covid-19 Announcement from the Sussex Cancer Fund

Dear Friends,

We just wanted to update you on the position we are taking at the Sussex Cancer Fund. The charity is determined to keep working through this crisis but our staff are working remotely to help reduce the risk to our hard-working NHS colleagues and their patients.

Obviously, some of our services like the medical acupuncture and therapeutic massage have been put on hold for safety reasons but we are hoping to hold some online sessions from some of our practitioners, covering some self-massage techniques and advice on anxiety and general wellbeing for any of our patients, their families or indeed any of our supporters.

We would like to thank all our supporters who had planned to raise funds for us through sporting and other events, I’m sure you are as disappointed as we are at the cancellations. This is undoubtedly going to have a massive economic impact on us but never before has the need for equipment and funding been so apparent. We appreciate that the crisis will be affecting many people financially and we are looking for ways that you can still support us without cost to yourselves.

We are currently involved with 2 online shopping programmes Easy Fundraising and Amazon Smile, by doing your online shopping through these portals you can still raise a few pennies for us with no cost to yourselves. Also, you can recycle your printer ink cartridges through Recycle 4 Charity using their Freepost service the Sussex Cancer Fund will receive £1 for every empty cartridge donated.

Many of our cancer patients have compromised immunity and are at higher risk from the virus and we need to keep The Sussex Cancer Centre and the other cancer departments through the county open and providing the best possible care we can in what is a very difficult situation. If you are in a position to help us please donate if you can.

Here is a message from Dr David Bloomfield, Consultant Oncologist, The Sussex Cancer Centre The Sussex Cancer Fund plays a vital role in supporting the Sussex Cancer Centre and other cancer facilities throughout the county. The impact of the virus on these facilities, their dedicated medical staff and patients cannot be underestimated.

We are working tirelessly to support cancer patients who are already experiencing a tough time. Now with the added threat of the virus, both to patients and their caregivers it is more important than ever to support your hospital charities.”

In these worrying times, our commitment to providing the best possible cancer care to patients in Sussex will continue with your help.

Stay safe and best wishes

Kind regards

The Sussex Cancer Fund Team
Julia Lenton & Joanna Godden

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