Deb’s Cancer Journey

Sadly with 1 in 2 people likely to receive cancer treatment in their lifetime it is likely that we will know someone that is currently undergoing treatment. This is the same for us at the Sussex Cancer Fund too, we recently had the news that friend of the SCF and one of our fabulous Business Ambassadors, Debbie Corti-Young has been diagnosed with Stage 2 Lymphoma and is undergoing treatment.

As an Ambassador, Debbie helps us with raising our profile in the Sussex Business Community as well as supporting us generally with fundraising etc. Since her diagnosis, Debbie decided to share her story and do some fundraising for us herself and recently Debbie and ‘husband to be’ Julian recently braved the shave together. Debbie has also written us a fantastic poem.


Debbie’s Poem

The statistics show its 1 in 2
But you never think it could be you
A wife, a mother or significant other
A husband, a dad, or a young lad
Cancer is brutal and very unkind
It messes with your body and your mind.
The Sussex Cancer Fund is there for you
Information, support, and lots of love too
If you can donate a few pennies or pounds
Thank you so much, that would be grand
If you can’t please don’t worry
it’s as important to share the story
So you are not alone when it does become you
And they will support you all the way thru


Debbie’s Story

“3/4 years ago I became an Ambassador for the Sussex Cancer Fund in Brighton. Never did I dream that in 2022 I would be benefiting from this wonderful Charity! In March 2022 I was diagnosed with Stage 2 Lymphoma and everything has moved very quickly since then. I had my 1st of 6 rounds of chemo on 21st April and round 2 this week. Those of you that know me, know I have a lot of thick curly hair and although I knew I was likely to lose it the process is still heart-breaking. However, again those of you who know me will not be surprised to learn I have bought a selection of colourful hats and turbans and there may even be some outrageous wigs 🙂

I was shocked on my 1st round (having to spend a whole day in the centre) the number of patients coming and going, all with different and varying types and stage of cancer. The staff and nurses support every single person as an individual, remember their names, ask about significant dates etc etc. Their support, kindness, empathy and even their humour is 2nd to none. I felt as though I had joined a special ‘family’

Speaking of family and friends, I cannot begin to believe the amount of love and support that I have received – it is very humbling. I also appreciate how very hard it is for my immediate love ones xx

But, Julian and I are getting married in 41 days time – any excuse for an outrageous wig. 🙂

Please if you can support this local fund, not everyone is in a position to buy wigs, hats etc, and many have to give up work throughout their treatment.”


Thank you to everyone that has supported Debbie so far but if you would like to show your support and help cancer patients in Sussex you can do so through her Just Giving page, please click on the button below.

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