Helping Grieving Teens

Frances Rush – Palliative Care Support Worker

The Sussex Cancer Fund has recently purchased 25 copies of the book ‘You Will Be Okay: Find Strength, Stay Hopeful and Get to Grips With Grief’ for the Palliative Care Team, at the Horizon Centre. The team were keen to provide some resources to teens who were experiencing grief. The death of a parent, sibling or friend is one of the most traumatic experiences for a child or young person and it can be hard to know how to talk to them about it. There are quite a lot of resources for younger children available but not quite so much for Teens.


The Palliative Care Team selected, this particular book because it is an honest, comforting and strength-building guide written by Julie Stokes, a clinical psychologist and founder of childhood bereavement charity Winston’s Wish, which provides readers with the tools they need to navigate this tough and turbulent time.

We hope the beneficiaries of the books find comfort and the tools to help them process their grief in their own way.


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