Freddie sings for CANCER!

Freddie sings for CANCER!

Meet Freddie. Freddie is 12 years old and attends Peacehaven Community School.

He is taking part in a school ‘tenner’ challenge where pupils have been given £10 and they need to use it to earn as much money as possible in the next 4 weeks. The pupils get to keep all money earned over the initial £10. Instead of keeping it for himself, Freddie is donating any money he earnss to Cancer. He has chosen the Sussex Cancer Fund because it’s local which means that it will be helping people that he may know and who could suffer from cancer in the future.

Freddie saidRaising money to beat Cancer is very close to my heart as I have lost two people very special to me to cancer, firstly my Grandad who was only 61yrs old and more recently my godmother who was only 44yrs.   

I love to sing and play the guitar and I really enjoy performing to an audience so I decided to use that to raise money for this cause. I will be arranging to sing at a few local places, this will also include busking for the first time!!. I will update this page with dates and times. I will also be uploading videos of my performances. However, here is a link to my youtube music channel where you can find 3 videos of me performing recently at an open mic night. click here!”