A pair of wills or mirror wills?

Make a Will Online offers superb-value pairs of solicitor-checked wills. Once you have entered your details for the first will, you will have the chance to add a second document. This option is perfect for married couples or civil partners.

You can either make a pair of wills or mirrored wills. The difference is that, for a pair of wills you will enter completely new information for the second will, while a mirror will reflects the information entered for the first will. However, some information must be re-entered on a mirrored will, for example the name of the testator (the person making the will), funerary instructions (burial, cremation, etc) and any individual gifts (specific legacies).

With Make a Will Online, you can easily login and update your will, to make sure that all details remain up to date; and every document is checked by a solicitor for your peace of mind.

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