Are online wills legal?

The short answer is yes; online wills are legal, if you fill in the information correctly and sign/witness the document correctly. With your will, you will receive a comprehensive document explaining the witnessing process and how to store your will once it has been completed, signed and witnessed.

When preparing your will, it is important to check that the names and addresses you have entered are correct as incorrect information can cause a will to fail. At the end of the will writing process, you will have a chance to double check the information you have entered and make any final changes to your document.

In 2013, after a long consultation involving the Legal Services Board, the British government confirmed their belief that the will-writing market should be diverse and not limited to solicitors.

The documents produced on are based on longstanding legal precedents and are suitable in the majority of circumstances. If you have a large estate (over £1,000,000), own property abroad or have particularly complex wishes, you should speak to your solicitor, but in most circumstances, our wills are more than sufficient.

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