What is a will?

A will (properly known as a “last will and testament”) is a legal document in which you can determine what happens after you die to your possessions, body and any surviving children for whom you are legally responsible. Without a will, the courts decide what happens to your possessions according to a strict set of rules.

One important function of a will is to name an executor or executors. This is the person who will manage the probate – the process of tying up any loose ends and distributing your estate after your death.

A will should state clearly what you want to happen to your possessions and any specific wishes you have. To become legally valid, it is essential that the will should be correctly witnessed by two people who are not beneficiaries in the will and who are not married/in a civil partnership with a beneficiary of the will.

A will can fail if it is poorly drafted, contradictory or incorrectly witnessed. For example, if you own a property jointly with someone, you can only deal with the part that belongs to you in your will and you should inform the owner of the other half. For your security, all wills made on this site are checked by our expert team.

It is also very important that a will should be properly stored as your instructions can only be carried out if the document can be found.

Our solicitor-designed online software allows you to draft a last will and testament according to longstanding legal traditions. It is perfect for anyone who needs the peace of mind that can only come from having a valid last will and testament .

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