Online advice session on self-massage techniques – Wednesday 8th April 6.30 pm


The Sussex Cancer self masage for cancer patientsFund is holding an online advice session on self-massage techniques.

The Sussex Cancer Fund is continuing to support the Sussex Cancer Centre and other cancer departments in the County but they are also trying to find ways to continue to support Cancer Patients in their homes through the virus crisis. They understand that anxiety among patients will be at an all-time high so continuing to support them through these very stressful times is exceptionally important.

Gabby Bignell is a massage therapist working with haematology and oncology patients in the Royal Sussex County Hospital through the charity Full Circle Fund Therapies and thanks to the generous support of the Sussex Cancer Fund. Her usual service has been put on hold for safety reasons so Gabby is sharing her knowledge and techniques in a Facebook Live event, so patients can perhaps still feel the benefits of therapeutic massage.  Gabby is going to present an online session covering:

  • The Relaxation Response
  • Preparing for massage
  • Simple self-massage techniques     
  • Physical maintenance post-massage

Gabby says: “It is a privilege to work with people during their time in hospital. I hope my treatments help give some feeling of normality and, despite clinical interventions, restore a sense of connection and a feeling of being oneself again.”

The event will take place live on the Sussex Cancer Fund Facebook Page on Wednesday 8th April at 6.30pm.

While the session has been designed for Cancer Patients and their Caregivers, all are welcome to join us for this free live online event. Although the sessions are free any contributions towards the Sussex Cancer Fund’s costs would be very much appreciated as supporting your hospital charities is ever more critical during these challenging times.