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Used for our outpatients clinics to keep all the equipment needed by our nurses to hand. They will keep the clinics clutter-free but funding from elsewhere is unavailable.£424 + VAT 1 kindly purchased by the Davidson family in memory of Peter Davidson.

Some of our purchases

        Kneefix cushions These are needed to support our radiotherapy patients receiving treatment.  They give better comfort to the patient and help imobilise for precision treatment. 2 kindly purchased by The Rotary Club of Brighton and Hove Breakfast – with grateful thanks 2 kindly purchased by Daniel’s team with funds raised from […]

Sussex Cancer Fund has purchased six ‘at home’ blood pressure monitoring machines for patients attending the new Metastatic thyroid clinic. Patients are being overed a new drug called lenvatanib which has shown great results in trial for offering prevention of disease progression for this group of thyroid cancer patients. However, this drug has its down […]