SCF – helping patients, saving money, and helping the environment

We all know the importance of staying hydrated. Being hydrated helps control your heart rate and your blood pressure, keeps your body temperature steady, removes toxins and waste, carries nutrients and oxygen around your body and protects org

stay hydrated sussex cancer fund

ans, tissues, and joints. There are many elements while a patient is receiving treatment that can affect hydration levels.

Patients are all encouraged to drink plenty, and water is available, but it is not always practical. The Sussex Cancer Fund has introduced water bottles which are now available to buy at the centre, and can be refilled at the hospital water coolers stations. These bottles are already proving to be extremely popular with staff, patients , their carers and friends.

The bottles enable patients to keep better track about how much water they have consumed, their design encourages regular frequent sipping rather than gulping from cups which is often better for many treatment related reasons which your healthcare professionals will discussed with you .

The cost of the bottles is £6 with £2 from each bottle going directly to the Sussex Cancer Fund.

Julia Lenton, Fund Manager said “We are already seeing an increase in the volume of water being consumed by patients and a reduction in single use plastic cups which only can be a good thing. The bottles are helping patients, saving money for the NHS and are better for the environment”.

Bottles can be purchased from the Sussex Cancer Centre