SCF Water Bottles for Pelvic Cancer Patients

SCF Water Bottles for Pelvic Cancer PatientsThe Sussex Cancer Fund provides water bottles for patients with certain pelvic cancers such as gynaecological, rectal and anus cancers.

They are given to patients for free who need to drink and have a full bladder for every treatment to help reduce side effects on sensitive areas like the rectum, and to ensure the accuracy of the treatment field placement. So far the Sussex Cancer Fund has given them out to patients at the Sussex Cancer Centre, Preston Park Radiotherapy Centre and Eastbourne DGH Radiotherapy Centre.

Kate McBurney, Operational Lead Radiographer, said “The Sussex Cancer Fund water bottles address sustainability issues, helping us to avoid using 1000’s of single-use plastic cups, which our patients are using to drink water prior to their radiotherapy treatments.

The bottles allow us to easily demonstrate to patients the exact amount of water they need to drink to fill their bladders prior to their treatment. Having a similar size bladder each day for treatment is very important for the patients who are instructed to do the drinking regime, and these bottles have made it much less stressful for them.

The bottles have also supported our patient safety in this COVID time, allowing them to have less contact with taps and cups within the hospital whilst they attend for their appointments.”

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