The Story of Josie Lloyd and the ‘Butterfly of Hope’ Necklace

The Story of Josie Lloyd and the 'Butterfly of Hope' NecklaceAuthor Josie Lloyd (and also Business Ambassador for the Sussex Cancer Fund) has been working with Brighton-based handmade jewelry company Posh Totty Designs to create this beautiful sterling silver Butterfly of Hope pendant necklace. They are very kindly donating the profits from the sale of the necklaces to the Sussex Cancer Fund.

The Story of Josie Lloyd and the ‘Butterfly of Hope’ Necklace

When Brighton-based author Josie Lloyd received her diagnosis for breast cancer it came as a big shock. It was only when she joined a running group of women, who, like her were all going through treatment that she was able to find her feet again.  Just before Josie’s 3rd session of chemotherapy, she took part in a 10K race.  Hot, bald, and out of breath, Josie nearly gave up, but the other runners offered words of encouragement to spur her on. 

One runner in particular, told Josie that she too had had cancer and had run all the way through her treatment.  She said that when she’d been feeling at her lowest, a stranger in a café had approached her and told her not to give up hope. This woman had then taken off the little silver butterfly pendant necklace she’d been wearing and had given it to the runner telling her that her life would be better than ever out on the other side of cancer.  The runner told Josie she’d been wearing the ‘butterfly of hope’ necklace for 3 years and it was time to pass it on too, now that she was better and fighting fit.  She took it off and put it around Josie’s neck and they had a hug and then Josie caught up with her gang and finished the race, but it was this heart-warming and life-affirming moment that was the inspiration for Josie’s new novel, The Cancer Ladies’ Running Club

Josie has worn her butterfly necklace every day – a little talisman to remind her to keep positive and to keep going –  and now that she’s back to full health, she’ll pass it on soon too.  She’ll replace it with this charming Posh Totty pendant inspired by her story.  Better still, with every necklace sold, the profits will go to The Sussex Cancer Fund, a charity who fund vital research as well as helping people living with cancer.  


Necklaces are available for sale directly from Posh Totty prices start from £49 with profits kindly being donated to the Sussex Cancer Fund.