The Cancer Ladies’ Running Club By SCF Ambassador Josie Lloyd out 13th May

We at the Sussex Cancer Fund are so excited about the launch of ‘The Cancer Ladies’ Running Club‘. This heartwarming story has been written by Author Josie Lloyd who is also one of our amazing Business Ambassadors as Jo Rees.

When asked about why she wrote the book this is what Jo said

“In 2017, I was diagnosed with breast cancer and, urged by a friend to keep fit, I went down to the seafront in Brighton where I live and joined a running group. These were all women, who, like me, were going through cancer treatment and we soon became firm friends. I didn’t realise at first that it was a training group for the Brighton Marathon 10K and I ended up running the race just before my third session of chemo.

The whole experience was so utterly uplifting and inspiring that I decided I had to write about it. I feel, very strongly, that with one in two of us set to get cancer in our lifetimes, and one in eight women getting breast cancer in this country, the subject needs some debunking. People are terrified of cancer (like I was), but treatments are improving all the time and lots of lucky people like me able not just to survive, but to thrive on the other side.

I want The Cancer Ladies’ Running Club to spread a message of positivity and hope, but most of all to be a novel that people can enjoy, with characters that feel like they could be friends.”


Jo is a passionate supporter of the Sussex Cancer Fund and while as a writer, all of her books have been created with enthusiasm, none of them are as close to her heart as ‘The Cancer Ladies’ Running Club’ which is obvious by the excitement and passion seen by her unboxing her first copies.



This inspiring tale and uplifting novel about a group of women who find strength and friendship in the face of adversity is available from 13th May 2021 Published by HQ, Paperback Original £7.99, eBook £3.99, Audio Download £12.99.

We wish Jo the best of luck with the book launch and thank her for all her support.

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