Vote For The Sussex Cancer Fund This February and Save Money with Discount Promo Codes

Since 1981, we have been helping to provide the best possible care for cancer patients in Sussex. Every single patient will benefit from the services we’ve funded, but this wouldn’t be possible without the help of our supporters and donations. For the month of February, we have teamed up with money saving website Discount Promo Codes, where we are up for winning 20% of the site’s profits. Sussex Cancer Fund are one of three charities taking part in the site’s monthly poll, and we need your help. 


Discount Promo Codes isn’t just your average voucher code website. In addition to having a huge range of discounts and deals from the UK’s biggest retailers, they also donate 20% of their profits to charity every month. Brands such as Amazon, Argos, Boots and more pay the site a small commission every time customers make a purchase, and this is what forms the monthly charity donation. When it comes to the charity that benefits, this is decided by Discount Promo Codes’ users who vote in the site’s monthly poll. Three charities compete for votes, and at the end of the month, the one which has the most wins the donation. 


How to Vote For The Sussex Cancer Fund


Voting for us in the Discount Promo Codes poll is easy – from the 1st February, simply head over to the site where you’ll spot the poll on the right of the homepage. Select your chosen charity followed by the green button to register your vote, and you’re all set. Voting is completely free and there’s no need to sign up for anything or make a purchase for your vote to count. However, if you need to do any online shopping over the month, it’s worth mentioning that any purchases made through the site will contribute towards the donation we’re up for winning, all at no extra cost to you! In fact, every single time you shop through Discount Promo Codes, you’ll automatically be helping to raise money for good causes, as well as saving money! Voting is open until the 28th of February, so be sure to have your say before then! If you want to go a step further, you can also share this page to help us drum up further support! 


Please vote for the Sussex Cancer Fund this February and help us continue providing the best care to cancer patients in our area. Thank you! 


  1. Marvellous charity. Going out of way to help many patients.

    1. Thank you Rose

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